Tips on How to Start a Rental Property Business

The rental real estate market is increasing rapidly along with the entrepreneurs actively investing in real estate.

The new situation created two leading rent trends in 2021: a house in the suburbs, where you can breathe fresh air and take a break from the hustle and bustle; and rentals of commercial property for health organizations. As a result, the rental property business is in great demand.

It has become clear that the rental market won’t be able to keep up with demand.

The rental market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 8% from 2021 to reach $2.216 trillion in 2023.

Rental Business Model

To effectively build your business in the rental market, you need a platform for individuals or companies to rent the types of property that suit them. The most famous rental property platforms around the world are Airbnb, Virbo, Respite, and Booking.

However, before you start your rental property business, you need to consider business models that will help you successfully monetize your product.

In general, the three most popular monetization models are fees, advertising, and premium features.

Rental platforms may charge a fee for conducting a transaction. Airbnb uses this method of monetization by charging commission fees from both guests and property owners. The amount of the commission directly depends on the rental price: the higher the price, the higher the fees.

Advertising as an engine of trade is an attractive monetization model for rental property platforms. Real estate rental platforms can collaborate with airlines, travel and car rental agencies, or cargo carriers.

However, don’t forget that an excessive amount of ads negatively affects your loyal audience. We recommend using ads only when your target audience begins to grow.

Zillow and Trulia use advertising on their sites, but make their ads as customized and native as possible for users. For instance, their ads are connected with interior designers, retailers of home organizations, general contractors, automotive products and services, insurance, and other related services.

Premium Services
If none of the above models suits you, you may consider providing premium features to your customers for an additional fee. For example, you can use a premium subscription to give access to exclusive lists of the latest housing, discounts on rent, and tourist events.

Premium services have a positive impact on users’ attitudes. Such platforms as Redfin and have successfully implemented this system and are receiving a positive response. Moreover, due to paying for some rare exclusive access, users feel more privileged, as compared to free access visitors.

However, you can focus on two or more types of monetization models of your rental platform at once. This will work effectively for the different needs of your target audience.

How to Start a Rental Property Business: 5 Key Steps

In any business, the first steps are the most crucial since they build the path for the business going forward. Their thorough review is what will pave the way to success.

I have outlined 5 main steps that will help you better navigate the sequence of project implementation on the market.

Conducting Market and Competitors Research
Even if you have an exciting idea for the rental business, you need to conduct market research and study your competitors. I advise you to start this stage BEFORE development. It’s better to have enough time to assess the risks and find solutions that are beneficial for you.

At the research stage of your future rental platform, you need to analyze the following. As usual, it starts with the discovery phase, which seems like a simple and easy step at first, but if business owners underestimate it, the following steps will be in the wrong direction. For many business projects, this phase is associated with significant financial savings.

The discovery stage is all about money-wise product development, which involves various aspects of future product development, such as:

Deep analysis of the project idea
The technology stack that is the best to use
Platform architecture and its interaction
The appropriate amount of functionality that needs to be implemented
Pain points of customers that are better to avoid or upgrade
Problems or limitations in the industry
User journey and wireframes

It sometimes happens that entrepreneurs infuse their soul into an idea and forget vital details. Without the discovery phase, it’s easy to get into trouble. The project implementation gets nervous and rambling. In simple words, this stage is all about avoiding failure in future development.

Creating a Unique Value Proposition
The main goal for every new business is to win the competition in the market. This means creating some unique proposition that brings value to customers that competitors do not have.

If you are making real estate auction software, a unique feature will be bridge loans as a type of short-term credit. As for other platforms, a rental business can provide some kind of bonus system if users visit the website often.

Currently, many people worry about their health and safety. It would be a good idea to cooperate with unusual hotels, such as Ottilia in Copenhagen. This hotel is unique because all their rooms don’t need to be cleaned by outsiders. They already have an automatic built-in disinfection system, which is the best solution for the current pandemic situation.

Deciding on the Type of Development
When you already have a great idea about creating your real estate rental platform, decide which type of development is better. Many business owners hesitate about which way to choose in-house or outsourcing teams. This happens because entrepreneurs don’t know the exact difference between each type.

Let’s look at the main business practices worldwide:

In-house development
Having an in-house team means that your company will have to manage and control all the processes. As a rule, this requires more time and human resources to find and manage a team. Mistakes at each stage will cost not only money but also time.

If you choose to outsource development, you will have less personal control over the development process.

However, if you find a reliable vendor, you will save significant time and money. There is a larger pool of talents and the opportunity to hire top developers for a reasonable price.

Usually, there is a project manager between you and your outsourcing partner. The project manager will report on the work done when you need it.

When choosing a business practice for your rental property platform launch, you should focus on the following:

Do you have enough time for recruitment?
Do you have any experience in selecting specialists?

If entrepreneurs want to reduce the delivery time and provide them with top programmers in a short time, it’s vital to look for an experienced outsourcing company.

How to start a rental business with maximum benefits
It’s vital to ensure that you face an experienced partner with proven expertise and good ratings. Here you need to turn to proven platforms, such as Clutch and GoodFirms, read the reviews of previous customers, and research what solutions the company provides.

Don’t neglect personal communication with companies that used to cooperate with your vendor. They can share their valuable experience.

Here are the ways to start working with an outsourcing partner:

Study the best companies providing services for your niche and that have proven expertise.
Search the reviews of past customers, and contact them to discuss the details.
Choose 3–5 best hiring
Call them or talk to them in real
Make sure that you have similar values.
Choose the best price and quality option for your needs.

MVP Development and Product Launch
Having decided to start your own rental business, I advise you to launch your project with a minimum viable product (MVP). It is the first version of a product with a minimum set of core features enough to create value for early customers and gather feedback for further development and improvement.

What benefits do you get from an MVP?
1) You get a version of your product with the main functions. It won’t be very expensive, but you will already be able to see and analyze the product in action.

2) If you want to attract investors to your rental product, then an MVP is the best option for presenting and attracting future investors.

3) With an MVP, you save a lot of time and money, because the development process isn’t expensive, and core features implementation is faster.

Having an MVP product, there is a great chance to launch your project first among other competitors.

Getting Customer Feedback
You have just launched your product, but the development process is not yet fully completed. It’s necessary to analyze your real estate property platform by getting feedback from your customers. It is worth spending time and studying the feedback from users, as there will be many helpful tips on how to improve your product.

The entrepreneur will have information for features that work well or what needs to be fixed.

5 Core Rental Property Platform Features

In the rental market, you can see hundreds of platforms with different functions that are attractive to particular customers. However, each of them has basic features that are customized for certain types of users.

What are the main functions you need to implement when launching your product?

Below, I have collected the most common functions of the rental property platform.

Buyer Registration
As usual, the registration and log-in processes should be performed by requesting marketplace users’ email addresses, names, phone numbers (optional), and passwords.

However, many users may find it complex and time-consuming to fill out a form, and they will want an easier (but, according to some experts, less safe) way to register on your platform.

Many platforms allow logging in via social networks, such as Google, Facebook, or Twitter, to save time for their users.

Property Listing
If you are starting a rental property business, you’ll always have three user roles – property owners, tenants, and admins. When launching a website, it is necessary to diversify and separate some of the functionality for each type of user.

The property listing feature allows real estate owners to add their properties and information after creating their accounts. For example, the property owners can describe their property in detail, add a photo and specify all the necessary data.

The information should be as detailed as possible:

The number of bedrooms, bathrooms, amenities
Square footage
The story about the suburbs, etc.

Photos should be clear and high quality to attract the attention of tenants. It is important to set certain requirements for the resolution and format of the photos that will be uploaded.

As for tenants, they can search for rent using an advanced search with specific parameters that they set themselves.

Another good idea is to allow saving the visited pages and finding similar options in terms of parameters.

These relevant recommendations feature will help your users find what they were already looking for faster. The additional value of this feature is in creating a positive user experience that will help keep your customers on the platform until they find the most suitable option. I suggest making sure that the recommendations won’t be hidden somewhere far away on the platform.

Search and Navigation
This feature will help your users easily find a property that satisfies all of their requirements. It is only necessary to specify the desired parameters. Here, business owners should be careful not to overload users with useless functions that will later create an outflow of visitors.

I advise you not to add unnecessary parameters, as these can make users feel uncomfortable. It is crucial to add filters such as the built year of the property and its size in square feet. It’s necessary for “internal customers’ comfort” to know the number of beds, bathrooms, the availability of appliances, and other amenities.

Location plays a significant role in renting. Your users should see on the map where their rental object is located to make a final decision. The map should also show places near the desired object – supermarkets, places of public recreation, museums, and so on.

Property Page
This must-have feature will determine the attractiveness of your business to the audience. The real estate page is one of the most vital pages to create.

On this page, you need to place all the detailed info about properties, including photos.

It would be helpful to introduce specific parameters for uploading photos. You can set a limit on photos – for example, from 5 to 15 images. A customer-engaging function can be a 3D virtual tour of real estate inside and outside the house. You can also add the function to upload videos.

When users choose an object for rent, they need to visualize their future premises. Make sure your users have access to all the necessary information to make their final decision.

Your rental property platform is an agent/mediator between the property owner and the tenants to provide information to both sides. Both owners and tenants may want to ask some questions and discuss rental details.

The quick and well-built communication will help to attract a bigger number of loyal users and push them to make decisions faster.

It is also a good idea to make an internal chat with the property owner, where admins can ask a question privately.

Whichever option you choose, you need to focus on your target audience and their needs.


Despite the economic crisis associated with COVID-19, the rental market hasn’t lost its force and continues to move forward confidently.

Nevertheless, business owners should pay attention to the changing trends in the rental market. There are two extremely popular rental trends in 2021: country houses and premises for medical centers and hospitals.

However, the rental property industry remains profitable and successful for those who make it digitalized and functionally attractive to their customers.

To sum up the above, creating your rental platform is a challenging task. But your rental business can prosper if you:

Explore and analyze your niche and competitors.
Come up with a value for the audience.
Choose the best business practice for your rental property project.
If you choose the in-house team, be ready to hire, control, and manage them.
If you choose outsourcing practice, find an experienced vendor who can provide you with high-quality services.
Build a rental platform with core functionality.
Launch your platform and collect customers’ feedback that helps to improve the business.

How To Remove Duct Tape Adhesive

Duct tape is an incredible tool to solve a variety of problems, from on-the-job fixes to home projects. Duct tape’s versatility and strength comes from its rubber-based adhesive. The residue this adhesive leaves behind can be tricky to remove. Follow these steps to both mitigate the residue itself and remove easily.

Before you apply
First, make sure that the surface you are working with is clean and dry. This not only reduces excess residue, but it also ensures that the tape’s bond with the surface is stronger. Also, make sure you’re using the right tape for the right application and surface — duct tape shouldn’t be used to seal packages or air ducts, and higher-strength tape can result in more leftover residue. Using duct tape in an inappropriate situation can result in far greater issues than just residue.

How to remove residue
There are commercial products that you can use to remove tape residue, but there are other solutions as well. A putty knife, run slowly and steadily over the affected area, can remove residue from surfaces, but it risks damaging any paint on the surface. Vinegar solutions, alcohol or WD-40 can also be effective. Warm, soapy water is a great solution for acrylic, plaster or vinyl surfaces.

Another way to remove the residue is heat; this destabilizes the bond the adhesive has with the wood surface, allowing you to scrape it off easily. This can easily be done with a hair dryer. Be careful when using this method on wood surfaces, however, as strong heat can damage the wood surface itself.

How Does Business Intelligence Maximize Business Profits

In recent years, business intelligence (BI) has emerged as a vital tool for all kinds of businesses around the world. While some use BI-driven tools to meet their varied reporting needs, others specifically look for increasing their revenue. Business intelligence performs collection, integration, analysis, and presentation of data into insightful information. This insightful information, on the other hand, is used by a business. So, now to have a clear understanding of how business intelligence maximizes profit, let’s have a look.

Offer customer behavior insights

Business intelligence gives vital insights about customer behavior, purchasing trends, and so on. These help a business to plan and devise successful marketing strategies to improve sales. When a business knows these insights, it means knowing which products are selling well. Also, when marketing professionals have this vital information, translating leads into sales becomes easier as they know the kind of advertising or marketing campaign they should run and during which period of the month to boost sales and eventually maximizing profits.

Easy identification of bottlenecks

There are plenty of tools driven by business intelligence that businesses now use to get a detailed insight into the health of a business. Yes, business intelligence helps in the easy identification of existing bottlenecks within your business processes. This is done via predictive analytics and key performance indicators. Once these bottlenecks are identified accurately, businesses can ensure no more delayed projects and overtime efforts leading to business growth and increased revenue. It becomes possible to know where a business can reduce expenses and can thus boost the bottom line.

Reporting automation and auto-scheduling

In many businesses, countless reports are required on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. In such a case, business intelligence proved to be a boon. It eliminates the need of performing the repetitive task of report generation leading to fewer chances of mistakes or inaccuracies. This happens because many business intelligence tools now automate reporting and even auto-schedule them to end all kinds of reporting woes. They even facilitate the customization of reports! The result is the fast generation and access to accurate reports that help the key decision-makers within a business to make informed decisions. When decisions are not made by guesswork, they are likely to be right; and better for the overall business productivity.

Today, many businesses are now embracing latest technologies to maximize their profits and business intelligence is one such technology. In a nutshell, there are multiple ways by which business intelligence works towards maximizing their business profits. The key is to choose the right business intelligence tool that can prove fit for a business. Every business has different business needs. Also, not all business intelligence tools have the same features or are user-friendly. However, they are all profitable for businesses.

What Does a Sleep Consultant Do?

Sleep consultants are professionals in the field of helping your children sleep through the night. Many sleep consultants are occupational therapists who have developed sleep plans that are individualized for your child’s needs. They provide services that are able to assess, identify, and support you in getting your children to sleep through the night. Many also provide follow-up support to ensure that the plan that they have developed with the family is working well for the baby. This leaves room for modifications.

Reasons you may consider using a sleep consultants services are as follows. You may consider a sleep consultant if your child has difficulty falling asleep, if your child wakes multiple times through the night, and if your child is unable to fall or stay asleep in their bed. You may consider a sleep consultant if your child is experiencing early morning waking, if your child has difficulty falling or staying asleep during nap time, or if your child is irritable and fussy during the day. You may also consider a sleep consultant if your own lack of sleep is interfering with your ability to parent, if you are feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with managing your child’s sleep, and if you would like assistance to gently shape healthy sleep habits for your child.

Another big reason why you may consider hiring a sleep consultant is because you receive a personalized plan that suits your family. The consultant during this time will work together with you on fine tuning a plan for each individual child and help you in implementing the plan. This is where it requires you to take action. By following the plan you will receive motivation and support to see success and help your children sleep through the night. Sleep is a very important part of childhood, and it is needed to help your children develop a healthy sleeping habit. Without a healthy sleep pattern it can cause distress, a strain in relationships, and lead to a variety of emotional, cognitive and behavioural health concerns for both the child and parents.

Overall, a sleep consultant assesses your families’ patterns and creates a plan that is tailored to each child’s individual needs. They work with you in creating a routine sleep time that is effective for your family and allows both you and the children to sleep through the night. By having this plan in place it creates a healthy sleep pattern for both the parents and children.

20 Questions to Ask a Wedding Consultant Before Hiring Them

Before You Buy the Dress, Many Buy the Consultant

If you are thinking about hiring a wedding consultant, the first thing you should do is check all of their references. Every. Single. One. Doing a background check would probably be beneficial as well if you can pull that off. Why? Because not all wedding consultants are made alike – some are in it just to rip you off. We have come up with 20 unique questions that you can use to screen your potential consultant to make sure they are up to snuff. That way you can weed out the good consultants from the bad consultants and not get stuck with throwing your money down the drain.

1) Do you have a business license or registration?

2) Do you have liability insurance if we meet in your home or business?

3) How long have you been a wedding consultant?

4) Do you belong to any professional organizations?

5) How many weddings do you consult on every year?

6) Besides the referrals that you have given me, can you give me five additional vendor referrals?

7) Do you hold any sort of certifications and if so, who gave you the certification?

8) What kind of contract terms do you offer?

9) What is your policy or procedure if something happens to you on my wedding day and you can’t make it?

10) Where do you feel you get your creativity from when you help create a perfect wedding so often?

11) What is it that you will exactly do for me if I hire you?

12) What kind of reputation do you believe you hold in the community?

13) How often do you overspend your budget when you help plan a wedding?

14) What is your personal organization philosophy?

15) What kind of additional fees do you charge and what do I get out of you for those fees?

16) If I give you the keys to my wedding, how often will you update me to let me know how the plans are coming along?

17) If strange things come up during the planning stages, do you charge extra for every change of plan or is this part of the package deal?

18) Is it your policy to attend the rehearsal ceremony and dinner?

19) What do you usually wear when you attend a wedding?

20) If I don’t like your services, what is your refund policy?

By asking these questions before you make the decision to hire your wedding consultant, you can save yourself the aggravation and grief of having wasted your money on a worthless one and even prevent a disastrous wedding. So please feel free to take this list of questions, go hire your perfect wedding consultant, and then enjoy the wedding of your dreams!

Why I Left Consulting To Make My Living Online

A few years ago I suddenly found myself without a job. This came as a bit of a shock since I had just completed my MBA degree, resigned from the government, and moved to a new city to take a senior management position with an international training agency. It had looked like my future was all set. I seemed to be on the threshold of an international career path for the remaining 15 to 20 years of my working life.

Unfortunately — or perhaps fortunately, as it turned out — when I took that new job it quickly became apparent that I had jumped aboard a sinking ship. In a matter of 17 short and hectic months, my brief career with that agency ended. Not long after, that organization lost its funding and disappeared into the sunset.

Starting Over Isn’t Always Easy

Finding myself unemployed for the first time in my 25-year working life, my initial impulse was to launch into reaction-mode and immediately start searching for another regular position, or a “job-job”, as I now call those conventional types of jobs. After all, that’s all I had really known up to that point in my life.

A few times over the years I had gotten close to escaping the bureaucracy, but fear and life circumstances always conspired against me. I invariably chose the “easier, softer way”. After all, there’s nothing much more secure than a predictable paycheck coming in every two weeks, automatically, like clockwork, for a lifetime. (Yawn… wake me up when it’s over!). As it turned out, I didn’t even have to make the decision for myself; a board of directors made it for me when it decided to eliminate my job.

Fortunately for me, before I panicked and jumped into serious job-hunting mode, I came to the realization that more than 25 years of living from paycheck-to-paycheck and achieving very little, in a lasting sense, was more than enough. It occurred to me that it was my opportunity to do something different. I reasoned that working for a large company wouldn’t be much different from the government scenario I had already endured. It’s just a function of size more than anything else. I could see that with a large company I would just be another one of thousands of “cubby-hole dwellers” waiting for retirement to eventually arrive. I cringe now, just thinking about such a fate!

Not long after that I hung out my shingle as a private business consultant and business writer. Sounds easy enough, but it wasn’t. Like everything else in life, I had to pay my dues and learn a lot of things the hard way. Because I have always been an “experiential” learner it took me almost two full years to become completely disillusioned with business consulting and copy writing. Actually, I was genuinely surprised to find out the many negative aspects of what I had always seen from the outside as “freedom”.

The Downsides of Consulting

* I soon realized that there were only so many hours in a day that I could be working as a consultant, thus limiting me to a fixed income, just like when I worked for the government — except there were no fringe benefits. Not to mention, no income between contracts or while preparing proposals.

* My previous corporate “bosses” had simply been replaced by demanding and often ungrateful “clients”. At least those bosses had a direct interest in keeping me happy as an employee by providing decent pay and working conditions. Clients had no stake whatsoever in the success or well-being of me or my business.

* I was frequently short-changed by clients. Many of them “used” their option to switch to a competitor as leverage to squeeze me down to the lowest possible per diem rate, forcing me to work for fees much lower than what I was worth.

* The only time I ever received feedback from clients was when they wanted more, or when there was a problem. No matter how hard I might have worked to produce a high quality product that I was proud of, it was rare to receive any kind of positive feedback from a client. Their attitude always seemed to be, “after all we paid for it.”

* Each time I got a new client I had to prove myself all over again from scratch. Since the new client does not know you, and you haven’t worked with them before, one often has to spend a lot of time and effort just showing them that you are indeed qualified for the job.

Transitioning Online

So, as I learned during that period, life as an independent consultant wasn’t necessarily all it was cracked up to be. Nevertheless, I am thankful for that false start in consulting, since it was that real-life experience which led me directly to my current career path of the past decade, in which I have been making my living entirely online.

In fact, it was during my time as a consultant that I had noticed that a certain group of individuals, some of them in situations similar to mine, were actually making their living online. It appeared that a few of these online entrepreneurs were doing very well.

Now that I’ve been successfully earning my living online for the past decade as an independent webmaster, I realize that my period as a consultant was a necessary transition phase on my way to becoming an online entrepreneur. I don’t regret my time as a consultant but I have to admit that the numerous downsides of that lifestyle had never occurred to me before I tried it myself. I would much rather be making my living as an independent online entrepreneur.

IT Outsourcing and Consulting: Top 2012 Trends

Technological change is accelerating at an exponential rate. Whereas it used to take decades for major shifts to occur, today’s big developments often come about in mere months. Read on to discover the IT outsourcing trends in 2012.

1. The Big Switch: Cloud Computing

Companies are gathering, analyzing, and storing more data than ever before. Cloud computing offers a convenient, cost-effective way to manage data, so it’s not wonder that increasing numbers of organizations are switching from costly on-site servers to remote servers. Typically, a firm can experience increased bandwidth with a cloud storage solution – meaning that the “big data” that today’s organizations demand can be more easily accessed.

The switch to cloud storage began in earnest last year, and it will continue through 2012, and indeed the rest of the decade. Information technology consulting firms will be busy building secure cloud-based networks. Forrester Research’s Holger Kisker has forecasted the cloud computing market to grow to $61 billion by year’s end. Kisker also highlights the fact that public cloud expenditures are growing four times faster than other IT spending.

If you contract with an IT outsourcing firm, be sure to ask what benefits you could see from switching to a cloud storage setup. Chances are that joining the cloud computing revolution would offer many advantages for your organization.

2. Tools to Facilitate Remote Teamwork

With access to company data via The Cloud, employees no longer need to access a local server, so they can work anywhere with secure Internet access. The challenge here is to monitor employee productivity remotely. To meet this growing need, IT consulting firms will be on the lookout for remote collaboration and project management tools.

3. Virtualization + Cloud Technology = Lowered Data Storage Expenses

The marriage of two of 2011′s stickiest IT outsourcing buzzwords – virtualization and cloud – will allow companies to further reduce their data storage budgets. Virtualization involves creating multiple virtual servers on the same actual machine. Information technology consulting experts say 2012 will be the year when virtualization and cloud storage will be used concurrently. Organizations will access virtualized servers through the cloud, thereby enjoying low costs and high efficiency.

4. IT Outsourcing Gains Popularity

As cloud technology moves data operations offsite, IT outsourcing will become an increasingly easy and attractive proposition. According to leading IT consulting firms, 2012 will feature growth for outsourcing groups such as Guru, oDesk, and Elance.

5. The Move to Mobile

Information technology consulting guru Maryfran Johnson is the Editor-in-Chief of CIO magazine. Her research with IDC and Gartner predicts that, by 2015, nearly as many tablets will be sold each year as PCs. Our future includes growing numbers of smartphones and tablets, in other words.

To keep up with the demand for these devices, information technology consulting firms will be employed to create mobile software applications. From analytics to file retrieval, companies will soon expect everything to be easily accessed via mobile devices – and software must be created to fulfill that demand. Additionally, groups that provide comprehensive IT outsourcing services will spend plenty of time in 2012 expanding security networks to include mobile devices.

Overall, cloud computing will drive IT outsourcing trends in 2012. Indeed, information technology consulting authorities have named 2012 “The Year of the Cloud.” Cloud technology will alter how organizations store data this year and for decades to come.

Become A Booz Management Consultant

Booz & Company has a storied history, having the greatest longevity of all existing consulting firms still in business today, and having participated in many of the biggest business deals of the last 100 years. From major mergers to saving automotive giants from bankruptcy, Booz has been there since 1914. While the business has shifted since its beginnings, especially since the 2008 restructure that saw the government services business branch off from Booz’s main operations, Booz & Company remains a strong market competitor and prestigious place to work.

Booz is one of the top management consulting firms in the world alongside firms, such as McKinsey, Bain and AT Kearney.

Recruitment at Booz is not unlike the recruitment process at other leading consulting firms. Undergrads and graduate students are recruited from the top 20 to 30 schools nationwide. They also accept applications from students at other institutions.

Booz looks for people who have a track record of being the best at whatever they do. On their website they state that they look for people who have done things that are very difficult to do and have done them very well. Whether it’s been running in a marathon or starting your own business from the ground up. They look for people who want to be the best at whatever they do, but do it just for the sheer satisfaction of being the best. Internal motivation and drive is a huge characteristic Booz & Company values very highly.

Like other management consulting firms, you had better be strong at case study interview questions. These questions are used by Booz recruiters to test your analytical and problem solving skills. Some people are more naturally inclined and gifted at answering case study questions, but it is a skill set that can be learned and improved just like anything else. Booz associates recommend that any interested applicant learn the art of mastering case study questions in order to have a chance at being hired at Booz.

There is a litany of case study information in a variety of mediums that you have at your disposal on the web or in bookstores that you need to leverage in order to develop a passion for case study questions. The most successful candidates and associates spend hours thinking about case studies and craft specific problem solving strategies that they can draw from when being interviewed.

Management consulting professionals must possess a very high level of intelligence and academic achievement. This is a requirement at Booz. They do like to hire undergraduate business majors and MBAs, but they do hire people from a variety of backgrounds. They also hire mid-career professionals. An important characteristic Booz looks for is a strong and commanding personal presence. That means you need to make sure you have an air of confidence, competence and composure when you walk into the interview.

Study the corporate culture, history, style, practice areas and core values. Study the website and speak with existing management consulting professionals on their team, and with recruiters.

Booz also looks for people who can independently think, yet be a viable member of a team. Another skill set they highly value is compelling and professional presentation skills. In other words, they want their associates to have an assortment of business and personal skills in their toolkit that can be utilized at any given time. When preparing to apply for Booz and company make sure you are very well prepared for the case study questions, have an outstanding track record of academic and personal achievement, and can convey very clearly why you would be a good fit.

How to Make Money Online With Offline Consulting Business

Have you ever wondered how some people can just easily make money with their online businesses? For so many years now, people have been making money online. The internet is not just for games, surfing websites or downloading movies. Scores of people have experienced success in running an online business. Most of these people even work or have started their online businesses from home.

Internet marketers have made a killing by selling ebooks, information products, actual products, teleseminars and the like online. Others have taken their specialty in web design, graphics design and even home organization and promoted these services online. Books, cars, gadgets and even real estate property have been transacted online. That is the power of the internet for those who are determined enough to make it.

Recently, internet marketers have discovered a better way to make more money. This is how to make money online better with an offline consulting business. First off, let’s talk about what the business of offline consulting is all about. Brick-and-mortar businesses such as your local bookstore, a neighborhood auto supply retail store or even your printing and supplies store have seen the need for their own online presence. A pressing problem for them is how to go about having their own website and how to maintain it. This is one of the ways that an experienced internet marketer can help with in order for another business to grow. Since the internet marketer has had the experience of building his own website and running his own online business, he now has the expertise to give solid advice about internet marketing. Website design can bring in as little as $500.00 up to as much as you can charge depending on the depth of your expertise and the size of the company.

Networking through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and MySpace is a necessity for any business to grow. This is especially true for the offline business. Social media can place the business in contact with more and more people in and around their area. The internet consultant can offer to set up their business profile in all the online social networks and connect to as many people as they can. You can take the notch higher by linking the social networks to FriendFeed in order to run all of the pages from just one site. It doesn’t really take so much expertise to use any social media, so even if you are just starting, this is one service that an internet consultant can also offer. How much can you charge for this service? It’s up to you really and how good you can market yourself, but some charge as much as $500.00 just to make and maintain social media pages.

Some businesses have already created a website for themselves in the past. They’re in the right track. However, they have an online presence but it’s still static. It’s just sitting there and they don’t know what to do with it. For this scenario, the consultant can offer to create a blog that enables the business to communicate with its target market. Through the blog, the business can talk about their new products and promote sales. Blogs are also effective in helping them communicate with their customers.

These are just a few ideas on how to make money online with offline business consulting. By getting started with these, the business consultant stands to earn more income than ever before.

So, What is a “Compassionate Lingerie Consultant”?

1. You have to be a lingerie expert.

So, what qualifies you as a lingerie expert? For starters, you have to understand what lingerie is, where it is made and understand the different levels of quality, style and fit. You can always start to research lingerie, but that’s just the beginning. The true knowledge comes from working hands-on with products and understanding what is appropriate for the unique needs of each woman who will be wearing it. Also meeting the designers, interacting with vendors and having relationships with boutique owners over time can also help you have a broad knowledge of the latest trends and innovations. The emphasis being place on the fact that real understanding only happens over a longer period of time. Like in any industry, you have to stick with it and absorb all the nuances and details that will give you the best solutions to share with your clients.. The lesson here, is that there are no shortcuts to becoming an expert in anything but if you’re determined enough, anything is possible.

2. You have to be current.
That is to say that you must be connected to what’s happening in the world of lingerie and fashion. You can read the industry magazines and attend the trade shows which will give you an abundance of current information. That should be a considered a routine part of your work flow. The best way to stay current is to connect with your relationships in the industry. Visit the boutiques, speak with the owners, pick their brains since they’re the one’s who have an more immediate need to spot the next trends. Their sales and ultimately their survival depends on it. Shop the specialty boutiques, the high-end stores and try things on. Experiment with your own lingerie wardrobe and make sure that you have tested all the new and hot products that come out.

3. You have to have a strong sense of personal style.
Developing your own personal style takes work and lots of it. Taking on the challenge of helping a woman you’ve never met before find her personal style takes almost a sixth sense. You have to own your opinion and be willing to stand behind it. It takes a certain degree of confidence to form an opinion about someone else. What sets you apart as a professional is the ability to deliver your honest opinion to your client. It’s always a risk. The client may find flaw in it and may judge you based on it but that’s where you earn your money. Not every client is going to be a match for who you are and what your opinion is so remember that all you can do is be true to yourself and your professional opinion. Don’t ever forget that the reason you became a lingerie consultant is because you have the gift, which is your sense of personal style and the ability to educate women. You just need to listen to it and build up the confidence to honestly but tactfully deliver to a client.

4. You have to be a “lingerie consultant”.
Depending on what your strengths are, you may want to begin with an approach that you believe suits you best in the eyes of the client. For example, you may have a technical approach, a value-minded approach, or a stylistic-centered approach. A technical approach would be to focus on sizes and fit first, making sure you know all the variation in measurements that the boutiques may have and matching that to your client. A value-minded approach would be to find out what top boutiques are having sales and emphasizing the idea of looking great while saving your client money. A stylistic approach would be to focus on a set style which usually is based on your taste level and educating your client to upgrade to the appropriate level of quality that suits her own personal style. Since you’re the expert and you have a client that is looking for a strong sense of what’s hot, you may want to lead with that strength. You are hired to consult, educate and guide the client based on her personal desires, needs and comfort level.

5. You have to be compassionate.
Compassionate lingerie consulting with a client is a dynamic experience. What solidifies the experience for your client is how well you “got” her. You have to have the observational skills of a detective and the empathetic skills of good therapist. What is she saying in between her words? You have to listen to her words but even more importantly hear what she’s saying in her body language. What kind of reaction does she have when you show her different sets? Are you genuinely feeling her out and learning about who she is? Can you gather what her vulnerabilities are to help her through the resistance that is sure to come up? Can you put together a picture of the excitement and level of satisfaction she wants to feel through her new lingerie wardrobe. Every client is a story and they’re coming to you to make the sequel of their sensual life better and more exciting than the original. Being a compassionate lingerie consultant will help the client feel more at ease in her own skin and also inspire her to be gentle to herself. Once a woman feels more comfortable, she can fully explore and even celebrate the beautiful reflection in the mirror as she begins to “play” and flaunt her unique beauty. Having a compassionate consultant can completely change the way a woman feels about herself and can have a lasting effect in regards to her self-esteem.

The term “Compassionate Lingerie Consulting” and “Compassionate Lingerie Consultant” was coined by Margaret Shrum in describing the practice of her business “The Lingerie Diet”.